The maison

Cécile Quilez

The founder

After an international career embedded in the promotion of art and luxe, Cécile QUILEZ, founder of the Maison’s PANDAIA Paris, invites us to discover the mirrors of the life through the exploration of the continents.

PANDAIA Paris, a Maison’s of character which draws its inspiration in the memories of travels.

Architectures, potteries, sculptures, textiles, colors of spices, grounds and landscapes… a mixture of all which makes you an unforgettable place and accompanies you forever.

A real Parisian elegance.


As a legacy, PANDAIA has received from her father a pearl discovered in the deep water of the Indian ocean. It was the jewel of the sea… the Queen of Gems.

The Maison’s PANDAIA Paris applies to perpetuate the tradition of what is exceptionally beautiful.

With this intention, we are selecting with scrupulous care the best materials for all our creations, optimizing the beauty and the quality of each of them.

Well done artistic creations, a story, a soul, a journey to the world of excellence.

maison Pandaia